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Darius Mostoufi Taxidermy — The Art of Taxidermy

Our mission is to recreate wildlife that is anatomically correct, enhancing its beauty by using artistic design, to help create an image and moment in the wild. Whether a museum, artist, or private collector, we are dedicated to quality craftsmanship, and a professional relationship with each and every client.

Darius Mostoufi formally educated, with a degree in Design, has incorporated his design education with his craftsman talent to create award winning wildlife displays. The study & application of the animal along with design concepts, are the building blocks, that help create an original piece of wildlife art.

Recognition of this talent was first recognized in his wildbird displays, and is now being applied to all variety and aspects of his taxidermy. His attention to detail has led national & international clients to commission him to create original wildlife displays for their museums, offices, and homes. We are proud to display some of our award winning taxidermy in our photo galleries.

Call us for an appointment to create an original display of wildlife art for you.

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Darius Mostoufi Taxidermy

Office: (909) 731-2103

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.