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About Darius Mostoufi Taxidermy

Darius Mostoufi has been practicing the Art of Taxidermy for private collectors since 1993. Creating his art studio at his home, has allowed him continuous around the clock availability to his passion for Taxidermy. Unlike retail shops, with expensive overhead costs to keep the doors open, Darius' pieces do not require minimum profits to stay in business, " ART " is first & foremost ! Extra hours for design concepts are always appreciated & rewarded.


Darius Mostoufi formally educated, with a degree in Architectural Design, has incorporated his design education with his craftsman talent to create award winning wildlife displays. The study & application of the animal along with design concepts, are the building blocks, that help create an original piece of wildlife art.


Darius has been professionally competing in Taxidermy competitions since 1993. He has won numerous awards & ribbons distinguishing him as a "Professional Accomplished Taxidermist" within the Taxidermy industry.

Federal License Information

Darius Mostoufi has been Federally licensed to practice Commercial Taxidermy for clients & museums since 1993. Each specimen that arrives at our studio is tagged, & registered into our Work Order Log Book for tracking purposes & license regulations.

Care of Animal

The quality of your finished mount is determined by the way you treat the specimen in the field.

In the view of the many factors which have a very definite effect on the final results of tanning and/or mounting, such as primeness, general condition of specimen, climatic conditions, and lack of knowledge and facilities in the field by the individual, we assume no responsibility or guarantee to the results of any finished specimen.

  • Antlered mammals, do not cut throat. Cut behind the antlers.
  • Shoulder mounts, cut hide well behind the forelegs
  • Wet skins, do not place in plastic bag, use ventilated cloth
  • Wet skins, keep as cool as possible, prefer freezing
  • Wet skins, do not salt.
  • Birds, do not gut, freeze whole as soon as possible
  • Small mammals, do not gut, freeze whole as soon as possible
  • Snakes, do not gut, freeze whole as soon as possible

Mounting Information

Each wildlife art display is unique & one of a kind, no two pieces are ever alike. The BASICS (general presentation) of the piece is discussed initially with each client prior to start of project. However, due to condition of specimen, presentation approach, & overall composition, Darius will request "Artistic Liberty" during the Taxidermy process, to achieve the best outcome for the mount & client.

Completion Notification

Upon completion of your order, we will notify you for pick-up & reserve the right to display final piece on this website.

Balance due upon completion of order. Merchandise not picked up beyond 30 days, is subject to storage charges pending prior arrangements having been made. Unclaimed goods will be destroyed per California Fish & Game codes.

California law "Title 14 Sec. 695(d) Fish and Game code"

Chapter 6 (commencing with Section 3046) of Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code if unclaimed or unredeemed by the owner.

The department shall be provided with the name and address of any person who has failed to claim or redeem any skin or part thereof.